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A.I. spots thousands of unidentified craters on the moon

The moon is under constant bombardment by meteorites and asteroids that can leave massive craters on its surface. The Aitken basin, the largest impact crater on the lunar surface, has a diameter equivalent to the distance from London to Athens, Greece. But not all craters are so noticeable — most are relatively insignificant. Thousands of previously… Read More »

NASA wants your pictures of clouds to verify its satellites’ data

NASA announced this week that it’s looking for some citizen scientists to help out with a project. Six orbiting instruments make up NASA’s Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) project and they are used to study Earth’s climate and the role clouds play in climate change. But sometimes it’s hard for these instruments to differentiate clouds from… Read More »

Chinese Hackers Attacks U.S. Firms Linked to South China Sea Dispute

Chinese hackers have launched a wave of attacks on mainly U.S. engineering and defense companies linked to the disputed South China Sea, the cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc. said. The suspected Chinese cyber-espionage group dubbed TEMP.Periscope appeared to be seeking information that would benefit the Chinese government, said FireEye, a U.S.-based provider network protection systems. The… Read More »

‘Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places’ can now be watched for free online

In September 2016, noted physicist Stephen Hawking partnered with production company Bigger Bang to produce an original documentary series for CuriosityStream called Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places. When the show debuted, viewers had to sign up for a paid subscription in order to watch the show. But as a tribute to Hawking following his passing earlier this week, CuriosityStream has… Read More »

Bali celebrates New Year with plans to shut down mobile internet

You might turn off your home internet or cell network on occasion to disconnect and have some down time, but it’s likely that your country isn’t doing it for you. According to The Guardian and the BBC, Bali is shutting off the net country wide for 24 hours this coming Saturday in recognition of Nyepi, or Balinese New Year. Apparently, Indonesia is… Read More »