New iPad Pro And 9.7 inch iPad set for 2018


Apple looks set to unveil two new iPads for 2018 that not only push the limits in the form of a new iPad Pro but also make power available to all with an affordable 9.7-inch iPad.

According to supply chain sources of DigiTimes, Apple is currently working on the new iPad Pro for 2018 as well as that new 9.7-inch iPad. Both are expected to be ready to reveal and release as soon as the second quarter of this year. That should mean we see them arrive at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference around June.

While DigiTimes can be hit-and-miss as a source, the affordable 9.7-inch iPad did leak earlier this year. It also seems like a logical move to help improve iPad sales as the iPad Pro has increased demand and making this top-end power more affordable in the 9.7-inch model could be a good move for the company.

So with the 9.7-inch iPad offering power for less, what’s going to make the new iPad Pro special? We already reported the possibility of an iPhone X style edge-to-edge screen on the 2018 iPad Pro, so this seems a likely inclusion.

Expect to hear more on Apple’s affordable 9.7-inch iPad and new iPad Pro for 2018 in the lead up to WWDC around June.

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