HTC U12 Plus Leaked

HTC U12 Plus Leaked

HTC’s smartphone efforts may dwindle after much of its talent was acquired by Google, but the leaked HTC U12 Plus, codenamed “Imagine”, proves that it still has a little gas left in the tank.

What’s being referred to as the highlight of the batch of phones set to release in 2018, according to VentureBeat, the U12 Plus looks, well, like it will blend in nicely with the other bezel-reduced phones that rock a duo of rear lenses, like the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the rumored LG G7.

This leak pins down plenty of the specifics, even confirming that its six-inch LCD display will power a WQHD+ resolution and that there will be two 8MP selfie cams stuffed into the top bezel.

A 2018 phone with 2018 specs

Like most phones in 2018, unless you’re the LG V30S ThinQ, the HTC U12 Plus appears to be moving forward with its specs by adopting the latest, greatest innovations.

It is said to pack in the Snapdragon 845 and 6GB of RAM, both powered by a 3,420mAh battery. It’s not the biggest power pack we’ve seen packed into a phone this size, but it should keep things moving smoothly with all-day performance.

Further boosted with microSD card support, the purported 64GB and 128GB models still offer quite a bit of storage on their own.

This leak also divulges the rear-facing cameras, the 16MP and 12MP duo. It’s currently unclear which role each lens will take, but we predict that one will handle monochromatic duties while the other will be skilled at RGB capture.

Lastly, the U12 Plus is said to once again feature Edge Sense found in the HTC U11, HTC’s squeeze-friendly feature that made its way to the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL.

When will we see the U12 Plus launch? Possibly in May, according to this substantial leak. Development has apparently hit a snag, resulting in the launch being pushed past its late April target. If its release really is that close, we should be hearing a whole lot more soon.

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