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Accident Law Firm & Personal Injury Lawsuits in 2018

Best Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers 2018 Accident attorneys understand the types of difficulties that may arise after a car accident in Florida. Over the years, we have witnessed the terrible injuries, injuries, and deaths that can result from these accidents and we understand how difficult it is for some victims to obtain compensation for… Read More »

Lawsuit in fatal duck boat sinking seeks $100 million

“This tragedy was the predictable and predicted result of decades of unacceptable, greed-driven, and willful ignorance of safety,” the suit says. A federal lawsuit seeking $100 million has been filed on behalf of the family of several victims of a fatal duck boat sinking in Missouri that killed 17 people. The suit was filed Sunday on… Read More »

Supreme Court hearing on local authorities’ liability for child abuse

On 16thJuly 2018 the Supreme Court will begin to hear legal arguments on the appeal of the children against the judgment of the Court of Appeal in CN and Anor v Poole Borough Council [2017] EWCA Civ 2185 I wrote up the original judgment here. The appeal was expedited and the Court will now consider the extent to which… Read More »

Chicago Auto Accident Attorneys | What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need

Millions of Americans suffer car crash injuries in crashes every year. Thousands die. Some wrecks are unavoidable, but most crashes could be prevented. They are caused by someone’s careless acts. Injury lawyers help with accidents that happen every day in Chicago and across Illinois – even to the safest drivers. You can’t control what careless… Read More »