Amazon Key App Updated With Fingerprint Support

By | March 21, 2018

Amazon Key App Updated With Fingerprint Support

Last year Amazon launched Amazon Key, a new way for the company to deliver packages into your home. Basically instead of leaving packages at the front door or coming back another day, customers who have Amazon Key will let the delivery person into their home where their packages can be left inside the home instead of out which provides more security.

Now it looks like the Amazon Key app has been updated where it will now be more secure than before. This is because the app has been updated to support fingerprint authentication. This is important because the Key app helps to control the entire system including your smart door lock, so by adding support for fingerprint authentication, it will make sure that even if someone else got their hands on your phone, they won’t be able to use it to let themselves in.

For those learning about Amazon Key for the first time, it is a new service by Amazon offered to its Prime customers. It will require customers to install several pieces of new hardware, such as a smart door lock and also the Amazon Cloud Cam in order for the entire system to work. Once installed, delivery people who send packages to your home have the option of leaving it inside your house if you are not there to answer the door.

That being said, the update to the Key app is now live and available via the Google Play Store.

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