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Car Insurance Do’s and Don’ts for College Drivers

Even the most experienced drivers don’t always know the subtle difference that can make your driving experience a child’s play! In case you’re a new driver, here’s how you can make driving safer, than being sorry. This article is especially for our young, energetic and new age college drivers who are in complete perplexity on… Read More »

Why You Should Never Buy Insurance from Your Car Dealer

When you buy a car, opting for the insurance offered by the dealer may seem like an easier choice. But if you take a moment to look up the plans available online, you will see there are much better options available in the market. Gaurav is over the moon. He has managed to save up… Read More »

What a driverless future means for auto insurance

The American public is skeptical about giving up control of their cars’ steering wheels. Despite the enthusiasm with which autonomous vehicles (AV) are being developed by auto manufacturers and technology companies, recent polls, including this one, showed that few drivers are interested in giving up control of their cars despite the potential safety and time-saving benefits.… Read More »

How to change your Gmail password

The first password that most people will want to change is their email and for many, that means Gmail. Even if the client is one of the most popular in the world, with more than a billion users as of 2016, that doesn’t mean everyone knows their way around every nook and cranny. To fix that, we’ve… Read More »

Nikkei: Toyota, Uber in talks on self-driving tech

Uber Technologies [UBER.UL] is discussing the possibility of installing its self-driving system in Toyota Motor Co vehicles as the U.S. ride-hailing firm seeks to sell its autonomous driving technology to outside companies, the Nikkei reported on Friday. Without citing sources, the Japanese business daily said that the firms are negotiating a possible deal for Toyota… Read More »