Facebook bans Britain First group and leaders

Paul Golding (front right) and Jayda Fransen were convicted at Folkestone Magistrates' Court

Facebook has banned Britain First and its leaders following what it says are repeated violations of its community standards.

The social media company pointed at content posted on Britain First’s page and on the pages of leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen as a reason for the ban.

Britain First’s Facebook page had two million followers globally, and the content in violation of Facebook’s standards is understood to have included:

:: A photo of the group’s leaders with the caption ‘Islamaphobic and Proud’
:: A caption comparing Muslim immigrants with animals
:: Multiple videos posted deliberately to incite hateful comments against Muslims.

The group will not be permitted to set up an official Facebook page in the future.

“We are an open platform for all ideas and political speech goes to the heart of free expression. But political views can and should be expressed without hate,” the company stated.

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